Best Villas in Alibaug with Swimming pools!

Are you looking forward to renting a luxurious villa near Mumbai or villas in Alibaug? Well, there are several tourist places near Mumbai that you can visit. Lonavala, Khandala, and Karjat are just a few hours away.

But today we will be talking about one of my favorite tourist places: Alibaug! In this blog, we are going to have a glance at some of the best villas in Alibuag with swimming pools.

Alibaug is one of the most beautiful coastal towns in India. Every year it is flooded with thousands of tourists from all over Maharashtra. This is mainly due to its beaches and amazing villas.

There are several villas in Alibaug with swimming pools to make your stay special! Read on to know more about the beautiful Alibaug-based villas:

Best Villas In Alibaug You Must Visit!

Ukiyo-230 The Leaf

If you’re looking for renting a luxurious manor in this beautiful coastal city, we have the perfect fit for you. In the laps of nature, Ukiyo- 230 a.k.a., The Leaf emerges as a beguile villa with a swimming pool in Alibaug.

This 5 BHK bungalow offers a beautiful roof, a colossal lawn, and a magnificent pool. Located in Karlekhind, it is very famous amongst the locals. It is one of the best villas with a swimming pool that fits your budget.

One can enjoy the enticing seafood of Konkan in the outdoor dining area. There is an open lounge on the first floor of this villa. It is a perfect setting to have fun with your friends or family. 

There are spacious living areas and entertainment rooms in this villa. Handpicked artifacts and classy decor add glam to this luxury home. From a wind-swept balcony to cozy bedrooms, this bungalow is a perfect blend of nature and art. It can accommodate up to 12 guests.

Ukiyo-208 Villa Verite

Ukiyo-208 Villa Verite is surrounded by lush green mountains and the sea. This stunning 5 BHK mansion spreads across 1.35 acres. It features a private pool, a magnificent gazebo, and a vast lawn.

If you wish to have lively moments with your family, the spacious dining area & the living rooms are perfect for you. The verdant surroundings of this villa work as a muse if you want to scribble down some poetry.

This perfect getaway bungalow in Alibaug is just 15 minutes away from Mandwa Jetty. It can be a holiday home for up to 12 guests. On top of that, it is a pet-friendly villa. 

Ukiyo-206 Villa Amber

Facing the scenic mountainsides of Alibaug, this summer villa features a huge swimming pool. Ukiyo-206 Villa Amber is a 4BHK villa that can accommodate up to 8 guests.

The veranda near the pool has pillars mounted with lights to give you a delightful vibe. It is a perfect place for dinner with your loved ones. The terrace is a perfect place for enjoying the view of Alibaug.

You can lay back on the rustic chairs in the bougainvillea pergola to enjoy some ‘Me’ time if your friends allow it. The modern garden waterfall with led lights near the lawn is perfect for photography.

Greystone Manor a.k.a. Ukiyo 211

Built on the designs of California’s Modernism, Ukiyo-211 Greystone Manor is one of the most aesthetic villas in Alibaug. It is one of a kind villa and best suited for vacations. This glass house enveloped by dense greenery lies in Awas, Alibaug.

Greystone Manor is a 5 BHK villa and is perfect for an intimate gathering of friends. This Alibaug villa also offers an outdoor bar and seating areas.

This villa also features a game room and an expensive spongy lawn for your leisure. There is a beautiful deck where you can spend late nights chit-chatting with your loved ones. Greystone Manor is one of the most sold villas in our inventory.

Ukiyo- 720 Orchard House

Ukiyo-720 Orchard House is set in Saral Village, Alibaug. It is just 20 minutes away from Mandwa village. So, if you don’t want to travel miles to reach your destination, this villa is perfect for you.

The ground floor of this villa includes 4 bedrooms. It also has a semi-open dining area and various outdoor lounges. On the first floor of this villa, you will find the best spots to chill.

There is a swimming pool on this floor! It is one of the best swimming pools in Alibaug. It also features a gorgeous deck and a colossal living area. Orchard House, also known as Ukiyo 720, is one of the most sold villas in Alibaug.

There is an enchanting garden and a tree house that add beauty to this villa with a swimming pool in Alibaug. On top of that, the courtyard of this villa is comfortable and spacious. You can indulge in a soulful talk here with your family. Alternatively, you can indulge in games like football with your friends. 

There is also a Jacuzzi at this property to give it a touch of luxury. If you are a regular Alibaug visitor, you should definitely visit this villa once. 

Villa Beira Mar a.k.a Ukiyo-209

Villa Beira Mar is one of the best properties in our Ukiyo Stays inventory. It features one of the best swimming pools in Maharashtra. Ukiyo-209 Villa Beira Mar is a luxurious bungalow that overlooks Kihim Beach.

Beira Mar is a 5 BHK villa in Alibaug. It has spread across 1 acre and has a large well-maintained lawn with a gazebo. Beira Mar’s breathtaking large pool is something you should try once in your life.

You can swim under the open sky and enjoy toasting glasses on the outdoor patio. The spacious living rooms and dining rooms are ideal for spending some quality time. The Kihim beach is situated on the other side of the fence.

The amazing sea view and magical sunsets will definitely make your stay memorable. This is a perfect place for a weekend getaway. And on top of that, it’s a pet-friendly villa

Ukiyo-472 Laterite House

Ukiyo-472 is also known as Laterite House. To be precise, it is located in Mhatroli. You can discover this Eden by taking a ferry ride from Mumbai. You can also drive here via Panvel if you are in the mood for a road trip.

It is a 4 BHK villa with an amazing swimming pool to provide you with ultimate luxury. You can enjoy your morning tea on the lawn. You can have your breakfast while listening to the mumbling of birds that are hard to find in Mumbai.

The beautiful indoor dining area, the jacuzzi, the patio, and the huge halls are the best features of this villa. You can visit the Ukiyo Stays website and check out the amazing photos of this villa. CLICK HERE FOR A BEAUTIFUL VIEW OF THE VILLA

Ukiyo-212 Villa Shashwat

Ukiyo-212 Villa Shashwat sits peacefully in the city of Alibaug. One can describe this piece of art as a fantasy castle. This elusive and expansive villa will allure you with its serene beauty.

Villa Shashwat comprises 5 ensuite bedrooms, a generous living, a dining area, and a media room. There is also a cabana and a natural pond-like pool. It is perfect for large group sizes. CLICK HERE TO BOOK THIS VILLA! 

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