Best Villas in Goa for your Staycation

Is it time to revitalize and replenish your soul? If yes, then a staycation is the perfect option for you. So, you want a break but want to avoid the hassles of planning one. If that’s the case, Ukiyo Stays is here for you. We can sort out all your travel needs!

But first, let’s get your blood pumping with some temptations. And if you want to tempt someone for a vacation, what is better than a road trip to Goa? Every teenager dreams of visiting Goa for a vacation. It is famous for its breathtaking beaches, historical monuments, pubs, restaurants, and spas.

Goa has a wide range of alluring villas to provide you with a beautiful time. Here are some of the best luxury villas that you must visit once in your life:

Here are the best Villas in Goa for Vacation:

Villa Supan

Villa Supan is one of the best villas in Goa. It is perfect for an extraordinary and exotic experience in Goa. The Villa Supan rests on a coveted hilltop in the neighborhood of Saipem. This villa is one of the best villas in Goa.

This 7-bedroom villa is in a different class altogether. Villa Supan offers elite amenities that range from private elevators to private jetty. In the breathtaking riverside garden, you can have endless tête-à-tête. The rooftop pool offers you enchanting views of the verdant landscape. And guess what? There’s a river flowing in front of the villa itself.

But if you are an indoor person, you can lighten up your moments with the entertainment room. It has a bar, a 50-inch television set, a pool table, and much more to make your day. And if you want to enjoy the ambiance, you can occupy our vibrant and elegant living room.

Villa Solace

Villa Solace is next on our list of best villas in Goa with a swimming pool. What is special about this villa? A breathtaking panoramic view of the Arabian sea is something you should expect.  But that’s not all. A private rooftop pool is another ace up its sleeve. 

To the Infinity pool and beyond!

This villa sits in the serene town of Dona Paul. Villa Solace is an exquisite villa amidst the best villas in Goa. The beach lies a few minutes away from the villa. And so are the casinos. You can also visit the nearby restaurants and pubs to have a great time.

While in the villa, you can enjoy cooked delicious meals with your loved ones. The exquisite dining area makes sure you have a good time. Make sure to de-stress on the balcony and let the fresh breeze take away your worries.

Villa Supan of Goa
Isn’t it lovely to wake up to this view!?

The view from this villa is worth dying for! So, make sure that you take some time out to appreciate the mesmerizing sunset. Or have some wine under the glittering stars in the night sky.


Ukiyo-619: Frangipani On The River

Frangipani on the river is apparently the best villa in Goa according to many. It exists to provide a mystical experience to the world. A lush canopy of green surrounds this enchanting villa. And the river in front of the property will delight you. It is a two-storied home with spacious 4 bedrooms.

It has an elegant design to give you an elite stay experience. You can spend your time in the lounge area reading books. Or you can enjoy the barbeque near the splendid pool. 30 minutes after munching, you can take a dip in the pool to rejuvenate yourself.

You can also enjoy a delicious breakfast spread on the outdoor patio. Located in Nerul, this rustic Eden stands out among the best villas in Goa for its peaceful vibes. It is minutes away from the bustling areas of Candolim and Calangute.

Ukiyo-117: Villa Branco

Want to get a royal experience? Plan your staycation at Ukiyo-117 Villa Branco. This magnum opus estate is among the best villas in Goa with a swimming pool. It sits between the village of Anjuna and Assagaon. The stunning architecture and decor will allure design enthusiasts.

This regal villa features wooden doors from India’s erstwhile royal darbars. Villa Branco features contemporary IPS walls, huge mirrored accents, and antique bibelots. Carved screens, louvered doors, and the sea-green pool are the jewels on the crown. This villa is a perfect place to celebrate an intimate soiree.


Ukiyo-692 Junglebagh

A perfect home enveloped in greenery: Junglebagh. It is located in the blissful village of Assagao. The balmy Goan weather will refresh your soul. Junglebagh comes out as a perfect blend of cozy and breathtaking moments.

It stands out the be one of the best villas in Goa. It is a 4-bedroom luxury villa. Junglebagh includes an amazing open-air pool, living areas, and a dining area. The poolside or sprawling lawns are perfect to curl up with books.

Ukiyo 692 features a beautiful balcony for an evening coffee. You can also spend your evenings exploring Goa. The cafes, restaurants, bars, and beaches of North Goa await you.

Ukiyo-683 Sacri Borod Hills 8

If you’re looking for a pet-friendly villa, your search is over. Sacri Borod Hills 8 is the right option for you. Ukiyo 683: Sacri Borod Hills 8 is a Mediterranean-style villa. It overlooks the shiny sea at Ashwem, Goa. This villa features five spacious bedrooms.

It also has a private pool, game rooms, and an exquisite dining area. You can enjoy continental meals in this home. Inform the Ukiyo Stays team regarding your needs in advance to have a great time. You can also indulge in rejuvenating wellness therapies at one of the many spas in Goa.


Ukiyo-620 Orchard Villa

Orchard Villa is the top pick from our best villas in Goa. Ukiyo-620 is a part of a cluster of villas located in the laid-back Moira village. Tarun Tahiliani designed the villa’s interior. This 4 -bedroom villa offers superior amenities from luxurious living. There is a huge dining area to satisfy your group’s needs.

A grand atrium sits in the center. And a cozy lounge is available for evening drinks or board games. The private pool of Orchard Villa will thrill the kids and engross them while you enjoy a drink at the poolside. This home can accommodate up to 10 guests.


Ukiyo Stays

Ukiyo Stays is all here to provide you luxury and comfort during your every stay. We have villas all over India and abroad. On top of that, we also offer you a wide range of amenities and quality services. If you want to book a villa in India, we are your top pick. Ukiyo Stays provides you with all the necessary services you will need for a memorable stay.

Happy Staycation!

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