UKIYO-443 7-Bedroom Modern Decor Villa with private swimming pool

Nestled in a sprawling 4-acre land, Ukiyo-443 is a breathtaking holiday home that offers impeccable interiors, expansive outdoor spaces, and a serene atmosphere enveloped in a misty breeze. The interiors are adorned with subdued hues, plush seating, and tasteful artwork, creating an atmosphere of refined elegance with occasional pops of color. This luxurious retreat is equipped with a wide range of amenities, including a fully-equipped gymnasium, cosy gazebos, an amphitheatre, a private home theatre, a massive pool deck, and a jacuzzi. Prepare to experience a sun-kissed living experience that embodies the true essence of luxury.

Key Features:
Serene location for a tranquil getaway.
Modern interiors with elegant decor.
Private home theatre for immersive entertainment.
Jacuzzi with steam room for ultimate relaxation.
Massive covered swimming pool zone for exclusive enjoyment.
Sprawling lawns with attached gazebos for outdoor relaxation.
Bar counter and gym for fitness enthusiasts.
Expansive amphitheatre for gatherings and events.
Indoor games and lawn tennis court for recreational activities.

Amenities for Absolute Comfort:
Generator, AC, and Wi-Fi for uninterrupted convenience.
Wardrobe, hangers, iron, torch, washing machine, and dryer for added convenience.
Geysers, towels, and toiletries in the bathrooms.
Medical kit and mosquito repellent for emergencies.
Barbecue kit, bar, and bonfire for outdoor gatherings.
Secured parking space for up to 10 cars.
Wheelchair-friendly property.

The Space:
Spacious Bedrooms:
Seven well-appointed bedrooms, with three on the ground floor and four on the first floor.
Each room offers amenities such as AC, Wi-Fi access, attached balconies with mountain views, and en-suite bathrooms.
Two rooms feature queen-sized beds, while the remaining rooms offer king-sized beds.

Seven en-suite bathrooms and one bathroom attached to the jacuzzi/steam room in the main villa.
Separate changing rooms with a shower near the pool area.
All bathrooms are equipped with geysers, towels, and basic toiletries.
En-suite bathrooms also feature dressing areas, and one bathroom includes a bathtub.

Indoor Areas:
Two expansive living rooms, both located on the ground floor.
The first living room comfortably accommodates up to 10 people and offers Wi-Fi access and AC.
The second living room features sofa-style seating for up to 30 people, wired music system, AC, and a balcony with splendid views.
A separate dining area with seating for up to 14 people and an AC.
Adjacent to the second living room is a bar area with six bar stools.
Enjoy favorite movies in the private theatre room on the ground floor.
The first floor houses a private jacuzzi room with an attached steam room for four people.
Well-equipped gymnasium on the first floor.
A separate unit, approximately 50 meters from the main villa, houses the massive indoor swimming pool, including a kids’ pool.
The pool deck offers pool loungers, sofas, and coffee tables.
Outdoor Areas:

The villa’s exteriors are a delight, featuring a 1.5-acre lawn spanning the property.
The lawn includes three attached gazebos with ample seating arrangements and a water fountain.
Guests can request a bonfire at the designated pit, which accommodates seating for 18 people.
Engage in a game of lawn tennis on the tennis court.
Enjoy gatherings or events at the expansive amphitheatre.

Guests are welcome to use the kitchen for reheating purposes.
Equipped with a microwave, gas stove, oven, refrigerator, water purifier, dishwasher, toaster, and mixer-grinder.
Crockery and cutlery are also available.
Indulge in the epitome of luxury at Ukiyo-443, where every aspect of your stay has been meticulously designed to provide a serene and indulgent experience. Whether you prefer relaxing by the poolside, enjoying movies in the private theatre, or gathering with loved ones in the expansive outdoor spaces, this tranquil oasis is the perfect destination for an unforgettable getaway.

UKIYO-1934 4-Bedroom Villa with Private Pool

Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of Vikramgad, UKIYO-1934 offers a truly extraordinary experience for those seeking a blend of heritage architecture, luxurious amenities, and pristine natural surroundings. Located just three hours away from Mumbai, this 4-bedroom private pool villa is a haven of tranquility, designed to provide guests with the best of both worlds.

Immerse Yourself in the Beauty of Nature:
At UKIYO-1934, guests can indulge in a variety of activities that allow them to connect with nature in unique ways. Start your day by waking up to the melodious chirping of birds and embark on a bird-watching adventure, where you can witness a diverse range of avian species in their natural habitat. Capture the vibrant colors of butterflies as you chase them through the verdant gardens surrounding the villa.

For animal lovers, the opportunity to cuddle with the gentle cows or play with the resident dogs is an experience that is sure to warm your heart. These delightful encounters add a touch of warmth and charm to your stay, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Luxurious Amenities for Ultimate Relaxation:
UKIYO-1934 boasts a stunning pool that beckons guests to take a refreshing dip in its azure waters. Surrounded by lush lawns and mango orchards, the pool area provides a tranquil space to unwind and soak up the sun. Whether you prefer to lounge by the poolside or enjoy a leisurely swim, this oasis of relaxation offers the perfect respite from the bustle of daily life.

For those seeking active pursuits, the clay court provides an ideal setting for outdoor games. Engage in a friendly match of tennis or enjoy swinging under the shade of trees, immersing yourself in the beauty of the natural surroundings. The sprawling lawns offer ample space for outdoor activities, ensuring that guests of all ages can find their preferred form of recreation.

Indoor Entertainment and Gourmet Delights:
If you prefer indoor entertainment, UKIYO-1934 offers a range of options to keep you engaged. Spend quality time with your loved ones playing board games like chess, carom, monopoly, or poker. These classic games foster a sense of togetherness and create moments of shared laughter and friendly competition.

As the evening sets in, take a leisurely walk along the farm, orchards, and the nearby Pinjal river. The serene ambience of these natural wonders offers a perfect backdrop for relaxation and reflection. Marvel at the beauty of the surrounding landscapes as you unwind and rejuvenate your senses.

Culinary experiences at UKIYO-1934 are truly a treat for the palate. Indulge in gourmet meals prepared with locally sourced ingredients, showcasing the flavors of the region. Whether you choose to savor a delicious barbecue under the stars or gather around a bonfire, the dining experiences offered here will tantalize your taste buds and create lasting memories.

Explore Nearby Attractions:
While UKIYO-1934 offers a haven of luxury and natural beauty, there are also several nearby attractions that are worth exploring. Embark on an adventure to the Kohoj Fort, known for its historical significance and architectural marvels. With its panoramic views, this fort offers a glimpse into the rich heritage of the region.

For those fascinated by regal splendor, a visit to the Jai Vilaas Palace is a must. Immerse yourself in the opulence of this grand palace and witness the royal lifestyle of a bygone era. The Shirpamal, renowned for its scenic landscapes and tranquil ambiance, offers an ideal retreat for nature lovers.

The layout of UKIYO-1934 is designed to provide utmost comfort and convenience. The ground floor features a living room with a spacious verandah, a bar area, a dining space, and one bedroom with an ensuite bathroom. On the first floor, you’ll find three bedrooms, one of which has an ensuite bathroom with a bathtub, while the other two bedrooms share a common bathroom. Please note that while a wheelchair ramp is available at the entrance for accessibility, guests will need to use stairs to access the pool, lawn, and orchards.

In conclusion, UKIYO-1934, with its unique blend of heritage architecture, luxurious amenities, and stunning natural surroundings, offers a truly extraordinary experience. With activities ranging from bird-watching and animal encounters to swimming, outdoor games, and leisurely walks, there is something to delight every guest. Combined with gourmet meals, nearby attractions, and a comfortable layout, a stay at UKIYO-1934 promises to be a memorable and rejuvenating retreat.

UKIYO-244 5-Bedroom Villa with Private Pool

Located amidst breathtaking scenery, Ukiyo-244 is a magnificent villa that combines modern design with charming historic accents. Offering bespoke experiences and a plethora of entertainment options, this exquisite home stands out as a true haven. Whether you seek respite from city life or are eager to embark on new adventures, this luxurious retreat is the ideal destination for a well-deserved break with your loved ones.

Absolute Comfort and Convenience:
Our commitment to your comfort is unwavering. We provide essential amenities such as a generator, AC, and Wi-Fi to ensure a seamless experience.
Find everything you need within reach, including a wardrobe, hangers, iron, and torch, making your stay hassle-free.
Enjoy the convenience of geysers, towels, and toiletries in all the well-appointed bathrooms.
Rest easy knowing that a medical kit and mosquito repellent are available to address any unexpected situations.
Delight in the option to indulge in a barbecue with our provided kit and take advantage of the well-stocked bar.
Park your vehicles securely in the spacious parking area that accommodates up to 6 cars.

Pet-Friendly Environment:
At Ukiyo-244, we welcome trained dogs, allowing you to bring along your furry companions on this memorable journey.
The Space:

Elegant Bedrooms:
The villa features five spacious bedrooms, with one located on the ground floor and four on the first floor.
Each room offers a comfortable king-sized bed, AC, Wi-Fi access, and an ensuite bathroom for utmost convenience.
One of the bedrooms boasts an attached balcony with a spiral staircase that provides direct access to the pool.

Well-Appointed Bathrooms:
A total of eight bathrooms adorn the villa, including five attached bathrooms, one common bathroom, and two poolside changing rooms.
Every attached bathroom is equipped with geysers, towels, essential toiletries, and a separate dressing area.
Indulge in relaxation with bathtubs available in two of the bathrooms.

Indoor Oasis:
Two expansive living rooms, one on the ground floor and another on the first floor, offer ample space for relaxation and socializing.
The ground floor living room comfortably accommodates up to 40 people and is equipped with ACs, a portable music system, and Wi-Fi access.
On the first floor, a cozy living room provides seating for up to six people and features a TV, CCTV cameras, and Wi-Fi access.
The dining room, an extension of the ground floor living room, provides comfortable seating for up to 12 people.
Delight in a furnished games room on the first floor, overlooking the lawn, where you can lounge and enjoy a variety of indoor games such as table tennis, snooker, carrom, and poker.
Book-lovers will find solace in the library located on the second floor, offering a tranquil space to enjoy scenic views from the lawn or balcony.

Outdoor Bliss:
Experience the serenity of the 10,000 sq. ft landscaped lawn, complete with a gazebo that can accommodate up to 40 people.
Relax and unwind in the lounge-worthy seating area with outdoor furniture, surrounded by the beauty of nature.
Take a refreshing dip in the expansive private swimming pool (20×40 ft., 4.5 ft. deep), accompanied by an attached gazebo and convenient washrooms. Pool access is available until 11:30 pm.
Indulge in your favorite drinks while enjoying the pool loungers and floats, conveniently located near the bar area.

Kitchen and Dining:
While guests do not have access to the main and outdoor kitchen, the villa is equipped with a water purifier, crockery, and cutlery.
Cooking and storage of non-vegetarian food are not allowed, but consumption of non-vegetarian food is permitted.
Guests do not have access to the kitchen for meal preparation, ensuring a hassle-free stay.

Unforgettable Experiences Await:
Explore the rich history of Kolaba Fort, located nearby.
Take a leisurely stroll along Alibaug Beach and savor its tranquil beauty.
Embark on a detour to Vrindavan Farm, an enchanting destination.
Immerse yourself in the splendor of Murud-Janjira Fort, an architectural marvel.
Discover the wonders of nature in the serene Kanakeshwar Forest.

Getting Around:
Mandwa Jetty is located approximately 11.1 km away.
Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport is situated at a distance of 105 km.
Panvel Railway Station is approximately 60 km away.
Teli Pada Bus Stand is located around 56 km away.
Chaundi Market can be reached within 2 km.

Plan your stay at Ukiyo-244, where luxury, tranquility, and unforgettable experiences converge, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

UKIYO 1261 6-Bedroom Villa with Private Pool

Nestled amidst lush landscapes and offering an array of lavish amenities, Ukiyo-1261 epitomizes modern, laidback luxury. This opulent villa serves as a sanctuary away from the chaos of urban life, providing a tranquil retreat like no other. With its spacious interiors, geometric designs, monochromatic tones, and curated furnishings, this villa exudes exquisite taste and sophistication. The ash-black facade reflects its name, while the interiors beautifully incorporate charcoal hues. Radiant indoor spaces bask in abundant sunlight, seamlessly connecting with the sprawling outdoors.

Key Features:
Featured in Condé Nast Traveller, Ukiyo-1261 offers a prestigious and highly regarded retreat.
Located in the serene town of Alibaug, the villa provides a secluded and blissful escape.
Unique U-shaped structure with large glass windows ensures ample natural light and breathtaking views.
Thoughtfully designed indoor and outdoor spaces exude grandeur and tranquility.
Immaculate interiors adorned with luxurious amenities create a soothing ambiance.
Surrounded by beautifully sloping lawns, the villa is perfect for hosting events and celebrations.
Manicured gardens feature scattered seating areas, including an alfresco dining space and a gazebo.
The secret garden, nestled amidst lush foliage, provides a cozy and enchanting hideaway.
Private swimming pool, jacuzzi, terrace, and deck enhance the luxurious experience.
Indoor games such as carrom, table tennis, foosball, and board games offer entertainment.
Furnished balconies attached to bedrooms provide scenic views of the private estate.
Poolside alfresco dining with a designated bar counter allows for memorable culinary experiences.
Loungeworthy nooks and crannies, including an indoor courtyard and a cozy mezzanine floor, invite relaxation.
Furnished verandahs and patios provide ideal spots for enjoying a morning cup of coffee.

Your Comfort is Our Priority:
To ensure your absolute comfort, we provide a range of amenities, including:

Generator, inverter, AC, heater, and Wi-Fi for uninterrupted convenience.
Wardrobe, hangers, iron, torch, and washing machine for your needs.
Solar geysers, towels, toiletries, and bathtub for a luxurious bathing experience.
Medical kit and mosquito repellent to address any concerns.
Barbecue kit, bar, and bonfire facilities for enjoyable evenings.
Secured parking space for up to five cars, offering convenience and peace of mind.

The Space:

With a total of six grand bedrooms, including a master suite, Ukiyo-1261 provides expansive and open spaces.
Each bedroom features a unique theme and color palette, ensuring a distinct ambiance.
All bedrooms are equipped with amenities like AC, Wi-Fi, king-sized beds, foldable beds, wardrobes, and ensuite bathrooms.
The master bedroom offers a king-sized bed and a luxurious bathtub.
Three bedrooms have attached balconies overlooking the serene green surroundings, while one bedroom on the first floor opens up to a wrap-around balcony.
All balconies are furnished with comfortable seating arrangements.

The villa comprises six attached bathrooms and two powder rooms.
All bathrooms are well-appointed with geysers, towels, and basic toiletries.
The master bathroom features an additional bathtub for a relaxing bathing experience.

Indoor Areas:
Immerse yourself in the immaculate and clean indoor spaces adorned with soothing monochromatic furnishings and stunning amenities.
The black entryway leads to a radiant lobby with a sun-roof, large windows, and a swing, offering glimpses of the outdoors.
The expansive drawing room, adorned with floor-to-ceiling windows, seamlessly blends black and white monochromes with geometric elements.
The room features bold white sofa-style seating arrangements for up to six people, along with AC, TV, Wi-Fi, and a wired music system.
The villa also includes a larger drawing room with ample sofa-style seating for ten people, a bar counter, and a powder room.
Equipped with various amenities, this drawing room opens up to an attached wrap-around balcony overlooking the manicured gardens, complete with a coffee table and all-weather chairs.
Enjoy your meals in the separate air-conditioned dining area, featuring a chandelier, a long table, and chairs for up to 14 people.
The indoor courtyard, furnished with seating arrangements and a foosball table, overlooks the backyard.
A mezzanine floor leads to an open lounge area with a cozy set-up of mattresses and cushions, perfect for unwinding and relaxation.
The TV room, adorned with an L-shaped sofa bed, offers a comfortable space to binge-watch your favorite shows and overlooks the surrounding greenery.
Spacious, sun-kissed verandahs and patios throughout the villa lead to the lush green outdoors.

Outdoor Areas:
Ukiyo-1261 is surrounded by enchanting landscaped gardens, offering a refreshing tropical atmosphere.
Embrace tranquility as you relax on the hammock, enjoying the soothing misty air and a good book.
Explore the cobbled path that leads to the secret garden, a favorite spot among guests. This cozy nook, nestled amidst lush foliage, features wooden benches and twinkling fairy lights.
A gazebo with rattan furnishings provides additional seating options, while a separate alfresco dining space offers wooden tables and chairs for up to 10 people.
Discover the private swimming pool and jacuzzi, generously sized for your enjoyment. The pool measures 70×30 ft. with a depth of 4.5 ft., while the jacuzzi is 30×20 ft. with a depth of 2 ft.
Guests have access to the pool and jacuzzi from 7 AM to 10 PM and can relax on pouffes and loungers placed nearby.
The boho-chic alfresco poolside dining area features a hanging light and outdoor furnishings for up to eight people, along with four rotating barstools.
Unwind and rejuvenate on the terrace, which offers ample seating arrangements and additional entertainment options like carrom, a pool table, and table tennis.

Please note that guests do not have access to the kitchen.
The kitchen is equipped with a water purifier, crockery, and cutlery.

Alibaug, renowned for its sea forts, pristine beaches, black sand, delectable seafood, and thrilling water sports, offers an ideal getaway from the chaos of city life. While enjoying the peaceful ambiance of Ukiyo-1261, you can explore nearby attractions and activities, including:

Take a leisurely stroll along Alibaug Beach.
Visit Vrindavan Farm for a serene and picturesque experience.
Marvel at the splendor of Murud-Janjira Fort.
Explore the beauty of nature in Kanakeshwar Forest.
Savor mouthwatering meals at Kiki’s, Buono Pizzeria, and Boardwalk by Flamboyante.

Getting Around:
Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport is approximately 120 km away.
Panvel Railway Station is located about 80 km from the villa.
The Alibaug Bus Stand is a short 15 km away.
Thall Market is easily accessible, situated just 4 km from the property.
Mandwa Jetty is approximately 20 km away.
Ukiyo-1261 is a luxurious retreat nestled amidst landscaped verdure and extensive gardens. With its unique U-shaped structure and large glass windows, it offers ample natural light and sweeping views of the surrounding greenery. The villa’s interiors are exquisitely designed, featuring soothing monochromes, geometric designs, and curated bold furnishings. Guests can indulge in a range of lavish amenities, including a private swimming pool, jacuzzi, terrace, TV room, and deck. The property also boasts a secret garden, manicured lawns, and various lounging areas. With six grand bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, spacious indoor areas, and inviting outdoor spaces, Ukiyo-1261 provides a comfortable and secure stay for a memorable vacation.

UKIYO-712 3-Bedroom Villa with Private Pool in Anjuna

Located in the hub of North Goa, Ukiyo-712 sits on the main road in Anjuna behind a grand entrance that catches the attention of every passerby. The expansive living room has a comfortable sofa-cum-bed and an 8-seater dining table by the open-plan a-la-mode kitchen. With access to the L-shaped pool, the villa’s extensive poolside area encourages you to pass time with a game of chess, cards, or simply your favorite book relaxing on the quaint set of garden chairs set under fairy lights and cozy surroundings. The patio and balcony both have spaces to relax in and a plush swing that makes spending afternoons outdoors a breeze.

A glass flooring in the passage on the first floor allows light to flood through the living room, making the space look ethereal during the day and enchanting at night. The bedroom on the ground floor opens to the pool allowing you to dip your toes or dive in even as you wake. The 2 bedrooms on the first floor have a view of the poolside from their dedicated balconies. The rooms comprise king-sized beds, a spacious ensuite with stunning open-to-sky showers, and a bathtub in the master bedroom.

Here’s a detailed layout of the property:

Bedrooms: (1 on the ground floor, 2 on the first floor)
– The villa has 3 fully equipped bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms
– Each individual bedroom has an open-air space
– The bedrooms have one king-size bed and closet space

The Living Room:
– Exquisitely furnished & extremely comfortable seating options
– Large flatscreen TV with sound system
– The dining table can seat 8 people
– The living room opens to the poolside patio
– The open-plan kitchen is adjacent to the living room

– The villa has 3 attached washrooms
– There is a powder room in the living room

Room Arrangement:
Bedroom 1 has a queen size bed with 1 Bathroom
Bedroom 2 has a queen size bed with 1 Bathroom
Bedroom 3 has a queen size bed with 1 Bathroom

– There is a modern kitchen with cooking equipment
– Utensils and cutlery is provided at the villa

– The villa is located in a gated community
– There is a poolside with a swing chair and garden table for 4
– Dedicated parking space for 1 car is available at the villa

Customise your stay
Upgrade your stay with airport transfers and grocery deliveries to villa reservations and additional housekeeping. We can also arrange special treats like spa services, private chefs, butlers or complete bespoke experiences.

Check-in: After 14:00
Check-Out: 10:00

Anjuna is a laid-back coastal village on the Arabian Sea in Goa, southwest India. Anjuna Beach, a sandy cove dotted with palms and black rocks, was a well-known destination among hippies in the 1960s. Today it’s known for its electronic music trance parties. Each Wednesday, a sprawling flea market sells handicrafts, jewelry and food. North of the beach is St. Anthony’s Chapel, an old church with a whitewashed facade.

UKIYO-713 4-Bedroom Villa with Private Pool

Serenely sequestered in a bylane in Saligao, this 4-bedroom villa in a gated community features designer interiors and luxury comforts throughout the layout. Ukiyo-713 is a sublime stay with a private pool and tasteful decor adorning every side. The poolside has plenty of space for afternoons spent reconnecting with family or friends, enjoying a morning around the pool or a hi-tea together al fresco by the garden, with the villa’s dedicated caretaker on hand to tend to your every need.

The bedroom on the ground floor feels perfect in a dim-lit, snug setting that feels close to home. On the first floor, the TV lounge is surrounded by 3 bedrooms that have tropical views of the community. The private balconies create a cozy and airy social space. Ensuring each guest has ample space and exclusivity, each room offers a large ensuite with an inviting free-standing bath and natural light. The master bedroom has a comfortable modern bathtub in the ensuite.

Here’s a detailed layout of the property:

– The villa has 4 air-conditioned bedrooms with attached bathrooms
– All 4 rooms have a king-sized bed in each
– Fresh linens and pillows are provided in all rooms
– Wardrobes are available in all the rooms

Living Room:
– The huge living area is welcoming and has offers many comfortable seating options
– There is a lounge area and powder room with garden access
– The dining table is suitable for 8 guests
– Living area is completely air-conditioned.

– The villa has 4 attached washrooms (one in each room)
– There is a powder room in the living room
– The bathrooms are modern and have geysers for the hot water supply
– Toiletries are provided including towels

Room Arrangement:
Bedroom 1 has a queen size bed with 1 Bathroom
Bedroom 2 has a queen size bed with 1 Bathroom
Bedroom 3 has 1 queen size bed with 1 Bathroom
Bedroom 4 has a queen size bed with 1 Bathroom

– The kitchen is fully equipped with modern appliances.
– The kitchen is attached to the living room.

Customise your stay
Upgrade your stay with airport transfers and grocery deliveries to villa reservations and additional housekeeping. We can also arrange special treats like spa services, private chefs, butlers or complete bespoke experiences.

Check-in: After 14:00
Check-Out: 10:00

Saligao is a quiet family-friendly village that boasts delightful heritage homes and small eateries that have been around for decades. The unspoiled lanes and corners reflect a bygone era where time stands still. The villa is located a few minutes from the main road, making it easy to access the nearest beach, best restaurants, and nightlife.