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Meet the Luxurious Shivom Villa 2!

Everything You Need to Know About Shivom Villa 2 

There are two kinds of people in the world. One kind, who crave shiny water bodies and forgets about the worries of the world. Biding their troubles goodbye as they dive deep into the ocean. The other type feels that if they step into a water body, it will pull them in. But if you felt a connection with the first type of people then this blog is for you!

Shivom Villa 2 is one of the best properties in Lonavala. The surreally calm Pawna Lake sits peacefully in the refreshing and windy town of Lonavala. Tourists and locals wind up around this lake throughout the year to take a few natural breaths away from the busy city life. If you are someone who can only relax when their toes are dipping in cold water, as you breathe in the sensational scenery, this place is a must-visit for you. 

If you make the right decision of visiting Lonavala, we got you covered. We have a colossal list of properties for your stay, but it might confuse you. This is where the Shivom Villa steps in. Finding villas in Lonavala is easy today, thanks to the Internet. But there is one house in particular that shines above the top villas of Lonavala. 

Introducing the Shivom Villa 2

Shivom Villa 2 is a luxurious, spacious villa, which offers a serene view of lush greenery. The place calls you to mentally capture the sunny dawns and pink dusks. On days when you do not wish to travel and simply want to lay low, you can have a slumber party here. The villa is adorned with a minimalist modern interior.

The villa offers bedroom windows that open that make you feel like you are in the midst of the Swiss Alps. However, the real cherry on the cake is the playful swimming pool Shivom Villa has to offer to those lucky few who get to visit this villa. The pool is where you can relieve all your tensions and have fun with your family or friends. While looking for a luxury villa in Lonavala, Shivom Villa 2 is as close as it gets to the perfect choice.

About the Shivom Villa 2 

Shivom villa has 3 bedrooms. A huge flat-screen TV is mounted in the living room with space to accommodate up to 9 guests. Inside each room is a double bed, a wardrobe, fresh linen, and comfy. The 3 private bathrooms have essential toiletries. The kitchen lodges a refrigerator, a water purifier, a microwave, and a gas stove that the guests can use as per their needs. Meals throughout the day are available via packages that you can choose while booking the stay.

Anything extra that is required can be communicated at the time of booking. The furniture and the design of the house make it a perfect haven away from home. These are some reasons why Shivom Villa 2 is one of the most booked villas in Lonavala. It is often rented out by families who want to host solitary and closed functions. A stay in this villa will act as an energy booster for resuming your essential routine back at home. 

Shivom Villa’s Outdoor Area 

With a lawn big enough to host football matches, Shivom Villa 2 is one of those luxury villas in Lonavala that make events with close friends much more happening and cosy. One can strike interesting conversations over sizzling barbeques and warm bonfires as they slip into the night. The swimming pool present within the villa is huge and clear blue.

It would be a shame if you fail to take a dip in this private swimming pool. If you are one of those highly energetic individuals, the lawn area is picture-perfect for you!  When in the mood for fun activities, you can head out to play badminton and other games or host an impromptu dance party (easily amped up with the music system available at the villa).

Waterfalls and Waterparks 

Shivom Villa 2 is surrounded by several popular attractions of Lonavala. Lonavala is, of course, not just known for its scenery and water. Several kinds of adventures, experiences, and relaxations await you all. Adlabs Imagica, one of the most fun amusement parks in India, is just a few kilometres away.  If you want to witness gorgeous waterfalls flowing from tall broad hills, book this villa. Places like Bhushi Dam, Kune Falls, Tiger Point, and Lion Point are all close by from Shivom Villa 2. 

Whatever doubts you might still have about the property, you can contact the customer assistance team anytime, and they will guide you towards the answers you are looking for. All things considered, you are sure to have a lovely as well as homely time at Shivom Villa 2. Well, I mean, sure, do not take my word for it. The proof lies in the splendid reviews the villa has been receiving since 2019. Guests can’t stop raving about the kind of hospitality, availability of necessary amenities, serene views, and the overall comfortable homeliness of the villa.

About Ukiyo Stays:

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Happy Staycation! 

post-monsoon villas in lonavala

Top10 Post-Monsoon Getaway Villas In Lonavala

Have you been missing out on the perfect getaway season to take a trip to Lonavala? Have you been so swamped with work that you missed out on going on treks and rushing your car through the serene streets? Did you miss out on beautiful beaches this monsoon? Did you cancel your trips due to heavy rainfall alerts? Well, fret not! It’s time to start packing your bags! Here are some of the best post-monsoon getaway villas in Lonavala for your much-required mental peace: 

Best Post-Monsoon Getaway Villas 

There is this myth about hill stations which states that it is best to visit them during monsoon. But it is nothing more than a myth. The view from the top is mesmerizing all year round. Frisky raindrops and sun-enveloping dark clouds are something that steals the show post-monsoon. The fantastic hill stations of Lonavala are famous for several scenic locations and tourist attractions. 

 So, naturally, the town is buzzing with people throughout the year.

If you are visiting Lonavala post-monsoon and don’t know what to expect, we got you covered! You need to book a place to stay first while planning a getaway in Lonavala.  Since it is not raining heavily anymore, you may want to stay in one of the best villas with a private swimming pool to rejuvenate yourself. To help you with the same, here are the top 10 villas in Lonavala:

Casa Del Vento 

Situated in a location that is bustling with tourist attractions, this 5-bedroom villa serves picturesque sunsets to you on a plate. You can lounge around in the outdoor gazebo. Outside the villa, you’ll find numerous activities and things to do in Lonavala.


Villa 41 

How many villas have you visited that offer a private movie theatre? 6 bedrooms and a barbeque zone speak volumes about how spaciousness of Villa 41. Villa 41 is definitely one of the best villas in Lonavala. People find this villa joyful and memorable, which is evident from all the 5-star reviews we have received about this villa. 

villas in lonavala

Shivom Villa 

Shivom villa offers 13 bedrooms to accommodate the guests. This villa didn’t have to compete or struggle in order to become one of the best villas in Lonavala. Nearby waterfalls at walkable distances and the quiet & solitary hill views make this villa the perfect for staycations. Shivom Villa does not compromise on lavishness and luxury. It has 4 private swimming pools to wash your troubles away. No need to go out looking for villas with a swimming pool. Villa Shivom has you covered. 


Cascades Villa 

Cascade Villa is also known as UKIYO-411. It is perfect for a weekend getaway with family or friends. This villa is perfect for hosting birthday parties and bachelorette parties. It is a perfect getaway villa for all those who want to forget the troubles of the world and have a beautiful & calming retreat. Cascades Villa is a 3-bedroom space with huge balconies that overlook some of the most wonderful scenery. This villa is perfect for 9 to 10  guests. With the mystic interiors of this place, you would never want to go back to your own home. 

Jal By The Bay 

Enclosed within this villa is an in-house adventure facility that keeps you hooked to the villa. It is one of the many beautiful villas in Lonavala with a swimming pool. Jal By The Bay offers a spectacular view of mountains, waterfalls, valleys, and lakes. This place will have you crafting sightseeing plans in an instant. Once you visit this villa, you cannot go back to a normal life. 


Villa Azul 

Straight out of the movies, this luxury villa deserves to be on the list of top villas in Lonavala. A private swimming pool, a gazebo, a lush lawn, a fully-equipped gym, and a pool table await you. These are among the many magnetic, adventurous, and relaxing things that you can experience in this villa.

Emerald Acres 

Emerald Acres does no injustice to its name. It is truly a gem. What is so special about this villa, you ask? The gazebos, jacuzzi, steam room, tennis court, gaming area, home theatre, and amphitheatre are some of the best features of this villa. Apart from this, the breathtaking views and the fragrance of the lush green grass are something to die for. The luxury and lavishness oozing out from its interior is something you must experience. With modern interiors and expensive exteriors, you are sure to experience a royal retreat.


Greystone Estate 

Covered in grey and blue, this villa gives off the vibes of an old, rustic mansion. But when you peek inside this 7-bedroom out-of-the-world villa, the modern architecture hovers all over you. It is the perfect amalgamation of old and new. As you walk through the spacious halls and lawns, you will be engulfed by the beauty that it radiates. This is as close as you get to heaven. 


Cove Cottage 

The lawn stretches out beautifully to give this villa a county theme. The interior of the villa brings a cozy vibe perfect to soothe your worried mind. A marvellous villa which is perfect for a rejuvenating family trip, Cove Cottage offers a vast and luxurious space. 



Cheers to villas with private swimming pools and how they delight us! Amid lush green, breathable scenery sits Mantra. Offering its classy wooden architecture and 4 lavish bedrooms, this villa feels like a vintage home. Encompassing endless amenities and playful adventure opportunities, this stay is, without a doubt, the perfect villa for old-schoolers. 

About Ukiyo Stays

Ukiyo Stays is your one-stop solution for exquisite, aloof, and serene vacations.  We provide villas in Lonavala, Goa, Karjat, Alibaug, and several other international places. With a hassle-free, personalized, and quick booking process, picking villas in Lonavala has never been easier. Get in touch with one of our experts to understand the process or book online. Explore luxury and adventure with the best villas in India. 

Girl Gang Trips!

If it has been a lonely summer, you’re not alone sis. From devious bosses to exes you need a break from it all. So rejuvenate this summer with a much needed trip for your girl gang. Unleash your wild side this summer with a much needed girl gang trips! Ukiyo Stays brings you the best girl gang trip destinations. From local to international, our hand picked properties have all that your trip needs. 


  1. Lonavala

Girls Trip destination- Lonavala

This local tour destination is an absolute delight. Though it’s nearby situated it won’t deprive you of a luxurious destiny. This is Ukiyo Stays’ guarantee. There are several things to do in Lonavala. But what makes your experience special here is a stay at our property. Our eight hand picked properties in Lonavala are equipped with everything you need. Our lavish interiors, lawns and delicious food is all that you need for an amazing girls trip. We are situated close to all prime locations and within a safe neighborhoodall. Get all this at unbelievably great prices!

2. Karjat 

These six properties are simply extravagant. With our prices you’re about to have a fulfilling experience. Stroll around enormous green lawns or have a pool party! Find serenity amidst nature’s alluring creations. Our properties are close to all the happening places in Karjat so that you never run out of things to do. From majestic cascades to glorious peaks your trip here will be completely fulfilling. Plus a complimentary breakfast (on select properties) is the cherry on top.  

3. Goa 

You may have been on enough local trips every other weekend. Now you need a getaway to somewhere special so what better than India’s most wildest party capital? That’s right, Goa! Goa is the place where you have to be for partying on beaches and watching revelries unfurl. So if you want to have a grand Goan adventure we have the best place place for you. We have not one, not two but over 40 properties in Goa for your girls trip. From budget friendly 2 BHKs to lavish party manors we have it all for you. Customize your stay the way you like! 

4. Coonoor 

You and your girls may not be the party kind, you may want a soothing retreat for your girls. So what do you do? Head to Tamil Nadu. Views of the rolling Nilgiri hills and lush tea plantations will mesmerize you. Our alluring properties are suitable for all kinds of groups. Admire amusing views from our cozy stays. We take you back to simpler times with authentic architecture. But we guarantee to comfort you with our modern equipment. Scrumptious meals, WiFi, coffee machines and complete security. What else would one want?

6. Bali 

Hasn’t an international trip been on your bucket list for a while now. Let’s strike it off with your girlfriends. If this is your first international trip you don’t want to miss out on anything!  We have a wide selection of over 70 properties. This alluring island of Indonesia is your ideal destination. Send your queries for your international trip today! Whether you are an intimate group of 4 – 5 or a party of 15, we have properties for all. Avail best deals on luxurious properties with Ukiyo Stays. Bali is waiting for you, so send your queries now! 

7. Phuket 

Thailand’s most exotic island Phuket, has it all. From parties to spiritual retreats Phuket has it all for you. Phuket’s exotic cuisine and happening night life is no mystery. So experience it yourself. Swim in fresh waters or stroll around in the old phuket town while admiring rustic buildings. Go fishing on Khai Island or admire Phuket’s fascinating wildlife. Select from our wide range of over 50 properties. 
So that’s all folks! All you need to know before you plan your next girls trip. Send your queries now to get end to end support from us! From local to international we will help you check all these destinations. Plan your next getaway with us! Choose us to be your hospitality partners!