Girl Gang Trips!

If it has been a lonely summer, you’re not alone sis. From devious bosses to exes you need a break from it all. So rejuvenate this summer with a much needed trip for your girl gang. Unleash your wild side this summer with a much needed girl gang trips! Ukiyo Stays brings you the best girl gang trip destinations. From local to international, our hand picked properties have all that your trip needs. 


  1. Lonavala

Girls Trip destination- Lonavala

This local tour destination is an absolute delight. Though it’s nearby situated it won’t deprive you of a luxurious destiny. This is Ukiyo Stays’ guarantee. There are several things to do in Lonavala. But what makes your experience special here is a stay at our property. Our eight hand picked properties in Lonavala are equipped with everything you need. Our lavish interiors, lawns and delicious food is all that you need for an amazing girls trip. We are situated close to all prime locations and within a safe neighborhoodall. Get all this at unbelievably great prices!

2. Karjat 

These six properties are simply extravagant. With our prices you’re about to have a fulfilling experience. Stroll around enormous green lawns or have a pool party! Find serenity amidst nature’s alluring creations. Our properties are close to all the happening places in Karjat so that you never run out of things to do. From majestic cascades to glorious peaks your trip here will be completely fulfilling. Plus a complimentary breakfast (on select properties) is the cherry on top.  

3. Goa 

You may have been on enough local trips every other weekend. Now you need a getaway to somewhere special so what better than India’s most wildest party capital? That’s right, Goa! Goa is the place where you have to be for partying on beaches and watching revelries unfurl. So if you want to have a grand Goan adventure we have the best place place for you. We have not one, not two but over 40 properties in Goa for your girls trip. From budget friendly 2 BHKs to lavish party manors we have it all for you. Customize your stay the way you like! 

4. Coonoor 

You and your girls may not be the party kind, you may want a soothing retreat for your girls. So what do you do? Head to Tamil Nadu. Views of the rolling Nilgiri hills and lush tea plantations will mesmerize you. Our alluring properties are suitable for all kinds of groups. Admire amusing views from our cozy stays. We take you back to simpler times with authentic architecture. But we guarantee to comfort you with our modern equipment. Scrumptious meals, WiFi, coffee machines and complete security. What else would one want?

6. Bali 

Hasn’t an international trip been on your bucket list for a while now. Let’s strike it off with your girlfriends. If this is your first international trip you don’t want to miss out on anything!  We have a wide selection of over 70 properties. This alluring island of Indonesia is your ideal destination. Send your queries for your international trip today! Whether you are an intimate group of 4 – 5 or a party of 15, we have properties for all. Avail best deals on luxurious properties with Ukiyo Stays. Bali is waiting for you, so send your queries now! 

7. Phuket 

Thailand’s most exotic island Phuket, has it all. From parties to spiritual retreats Phuket has it all for you. Phuket’s exotic cuisine and happening night life is no mystery. So experience it yourself. Swim in fresh waters or stroll around in the old phuket town while admiring rustic buildings. Go fishing on Khai Island or admire Phuket’s fascinating wildlife. Select from our wide range of over 50 properties. 
So that’s all folks! All you need to know before you plan your next girls trip. Send your queries now to get end to end support from us! From local to international we will help you check all these destinations. Plan your next getaway with us! Choose us to be your hospitality partners! 

Top 5 Road Trips Destination

It’s never too late to explore one’s adventurous side. Road trips are one of the most thrilling ways to explore it. These trips allow us to take a step back and admire the unknown scenic beauty. You can create the most memorable experience of a lifetime. India is a country of culture, history, art, and mesmerizing beauty of the unknown.  So Ukiyo Stays brings you the Top 5 road trip destinations in India you must visit in 2022.   
  1. Mumbai to Goa

Probably the most popular road trips in India, Goa starting from Mumbai. September-March is the ideal time to set out on a road trip from Mumbai to Goa. The mesmerizing scenic beauty, windy roads, paddy fields, friends, and music are tranquil. The Pune-Kolhapur route via NH4 is the safest route. This can be covered within ten hours; however, the toll booths can take more time and spoil the fun. For adventurous people, it’s the Chiplun-Ratnagiri route via NH66 that works best. Goa is a major attraction point for most of the people. Beyond the destination, the journey is worth savouring.

2. Manali to Leh

The best time to go for a road trip from Manali to Leh is in the middle of June to September. The breath-taking experience of this trip will give allow you to witness entralling twists and turns. The snow-filled mountains, valleys, beautiful monasteries, and a stunning view on the journey. The distance from Manali to Leh is 297 miles and that should take two days to cover.  For people who like a love adventure can also indulge in trekking, Keylong and Sarchu are great stopovers to relax and prepare for the next stop.

3. Bangalore to Ooty

The small town of Western Ghats mountains is the best destination for nature lovers. While travelling you get to see miles of luscious greens on both sides of the road and scenic landscapes. The forest of Bandipur is a major attraction for people who like dense forests. The beauty of cascades, lakes filled with crystal clear water, tea plantations amp up your mood. The road-tripping starts from Bangalore and ends in Ooty. By taking the NH275 route, you can cover the journey within six hours. The best time to visit is around October-June.

4. Visakhapatnam to Araku Valley 

There are several places to Visit near Araku Valley from Borra Caves to Tatipudi Reservoir. The ideal time to set out on a road trip for Araku Valley is between October to March. Although the journey is not too long, it can be covered within three hours. The green  canyons, coffee plantations and curly roads make it a fulfilling experience. The best part about road trips is to be able to witness things that people have only heard of or read in books. The thrill of exploring new places is what you need while travelling.

5. Western Ghats

The best time to explore the Western Ghats has to be during Monsoon. The surroundings are rich with forests and mountains. This will definitely give you a flavour of a fascinating journey. It’s better to start the journey from Mumbai. This road trip will be nothing but an experience to remember. On the way you may end up exploring small towns. Make sure you visit those places to get the local flavour and make more memories of a lifetime.
The beauty of these places will never lose its charm even when new roads are built. New places will be explored, things will evolve but the tranquility will still be intact. The exciting part about road trips is that you can meet new people on the journey. You can share stories and experiences. Moreover nothing can beat the fun when you’re with your friends. All these destinations are unique in their own way. So if you’re culturally curious or a nature admirer, make sure to explore theseTop 5 road trip destinations in India you must visit in 2022. . Send your queries to us, there are places waiting to be discovered!

8 Essential Travelling Apps

The covid protocols and regulations are gradually easing out. So we encourage our readers to hit the road. So here is a list of some useful tools to give a kick start to all the travelling geeks for their next outing. These 8 Essential Travelling Apps will help you be organized throughout your next escapade

1. Wi-Fi Map

If you’re someone who’s frequently travelling and always on the go, you understand the struggle of finding a stable internet connection. Wi-Fi Map is your best friend in such situations. Through crowdsourcing, the application’s database contains passwords and download/upload speeds of more than 100 million free hotspot connections. Best of all, you can download the application in advance for offline access and never worry about the internet on an outing


2. PackPoint

Are you one of those travellers who always seem to leave out something essential while packing ? Do you always carry a loaded luggage? If you want systematize your packing experience, this application has got you covered. With PackPoint, you can select your destination, reason for trip and length of stay. There are other filters like baby, international, laundry & beach. You can leave the rest up to the custom packing list created for you. You can entirely rely on this list to have an organized trip. 

3. TripIt

Gone are the days of dealing with messy itineraries, scraps of paper, and half-torn flight tickets. TripIt is the ultimate dream application for organisers. It lets you put all your essentials like hotel information, confirmation numbers, car rentals, dinner reservations & flight information. This is a one stop solution to find everything at a single place. Conveniently arrange all the essentials required for your trip at the ease of your finger tips.





4. Zoomcar

 If you are someone who travels too often for pleasure or business you might require cars for local commute. Zoom car allows you to rent cars at the best prices. If you are a vehicle owner you can also rent out your car when it isn’t put to used.  Head on to Zoomcar and publish an advertisement for your car to rent it out and that’s it. You can earn quick bucks without having to do or spend anything.


5. PayPal

This app is internationally used. With Paypal’s online payments you never have to worry about running out of cash. PayPal is the standard way of transferring money. It transfers directly from your bank account to other people’s bank accounts.

6. Clarity Money

 Keeping a track of your transactions while travelling can be difficult. Especially, when you’re in another country. Use Clarity Money, an app with an interface to manage your budget. Track your transactions without juggling between the calculator and the notes app.


7. MyFitnessPal

We know vacations are a way to let loose. You might want to indulge in a flavourful experience by trying all kinds of cuisines. But if you’re on a lookout for your calorie consumption and don’t want to compromise on your eating habits MyFitnessPal is your literal pal. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a huge commitment. This app eases tracking your calorie consumption and prevents you from going overboard.

8. Bakblaze

Most of the fellow travellers indulge into photography or writing to share their experience. If you’re someone who takes a lot of photos or writes when travelling, you might want to back your data up. There is always a risk of external hard drives getting lost or damaged. Backblaze is a website with a simple interface that stores all your data in the background. This way you never have to think about memory storage twice. 
Being organised while travelling is difficult but not impossible. While travelling can be extremely fun and adventurous, it can often become stressful. With these 8 Essential Travelling Apps you never have to worry about getting overboard. Pre-plan all the essentials before going to your next adventure. Remember to plan and organise your trip beforehand to maximise the enjoyment. Eliminate any inhibitions or troublesome situations during your getaway. Now escape the monotony of life by treating yourself to an exquisite vacation with Ukiyo Stays. Send your queries now! Save and share the list of tools that we’ve curated especially for you. Happy travelling!

10 Traveling Mistakes to avoid in 2022

Whether it’s your first overseas business trip or you’re a nomad, we know that you’re bound to make at least a handful of these 10 Traveling Mistakes. So, for all your trips and tours this year, let’s get rid of these traveling habits. Follow these tips to avoid all the traveling mistakes on your next trip. Share this list with your travel buddies too!

1. A loaded luggage 

A loaded luggage 
Source: istock
Of course if you’re on a vacation you’d want multiple apparels depending upon your itinerary. But overpacking will weigh you down, quite literally. Regardless of the medium of transport, carrying a weighty luggage could be daunting! If you have a well defined itinerary, you’ve already won! The trick to avoid overpacking starts with having a proper itinerary that you know you’d stick to. Plan outfits according to it. Segregate outfits instead of only packing clothes apposite to your itinerary. Choosing the correct suitcase is the key to having a relaxing commute. But you don’t want to take a suitcase on a trek! So invest in a suitable bag. Using plastic pouches to store toiletries will help you avoid accidental spillages.
If you’re not on a work- cation we would highly suggest not carrying any techy valuables. Places like campsites or hostels don’t provide you the ideal security to contain valuables. Even if theft isn’t a threat, you may not be in the most diligent state to look after all your belongings. So it’s best to leave any irreplaceable items at home. 

2. An Overambitious Itinerary 

An Overambitious Itinerary 
Source: iStock
So much to do, see and experience! But creating an overambitious itinerary isn’t the wisest thing to do. Create your itinerary based on the number of days you have in hand. Rather than going to typical tourist destinations, choose spots that you find worth visiting. Things don’t always pan out the way you have desires no matter how hard you try to stick to the schedule. Allow yourself to take breaks and settle at certain places. After all, you’re on a vacation! 

3  A dining disaster! 

A dining disaster! 
Source: iStock
Restaurant businesses near distinguished tourist spots have widely been known for hiking prices. It’s no secret. Whether it’s the fritters at Lonavala or Lecointre Paris, you’ll find everything at exorbitant rates. “So where to dine?’, you wonder. Let the locals guide you! No matter where you are, the locals will direct you to the best eateries for authentic specialities. Do a bit of pre-holiday research into your destination especially if you’re a foodie! You’re likely to find a better variety of more affordable spots if you head to where the locals eat.

4. Traveling tardily 

Traveling tardily 
Source: iStock
We criticize Indian parents for heading to airports before hours. But underestimating the time required for security is the biggest traveling mistake you could make. Missing your flight is a travel’s worst nightmare. Incorrect estimation of security checks will wreck your vacation, we don’t have to tell you that. Make sure you have ample time before departure. Grab a snack at the airport. Being up early on the day of departure will even allow you time to go through your stuff and recheck your belongings

5. Booking flights too close together

Booking flights too close together
Source: iStock
Booking your flights as close together as possible is tempting. After all, you don’t want to eat up too much time in getting to your destination. But this strategy can backfire. Any delay in your flights could throw off the rest of your trip. 

6. Not having the correct visa

Not having the correct visa
Source: iStock
One mistake with your visa, and your well-planned holiday could be over before it even began! If your destination requires a visa, double check every piece of information on the visa. Go through the spelling of your name and your planned entry date, and address any issues right away. 

7. Leaving banks uninformed

Leaving banks uninformed
Source: iStock
Most banks have automated fraud-protection systems in place. If you use your card in Bangkok when the bank expects you to be in New Zealand, your card could be flagged. It could even be put on hold. Fortunately, it’s very easy to avoid this frustrating situation. Notify your bank and your credit card company about the whereabouts of your trip. Rates and fees are generally higher at the airport, so learn about your other options. This includes exchanging it at your bank, a foreign exchange shop, or withdrawing cash at your destination

8. Not considering time zones  

Not considering time zones  
Source: iStock
We’ve heard stories about unlucky travelers missing their flights overseas. It is because they didn’t consider the time zone change. One must avoid such problems. This can be done by considering time zones when you’re planning your flights. 

9. Skipping Pleasantries  

Skipping Pleasantries
Source: iStock
It’s correctly stated, “Please and thank you go a long way!” No matter where you go, learning local phrases and collocative terms will reduce semantic barriers. It will make you appear friendly. It pleases the locals when you attempt to take part in culture. They are more likely to help you through your stay. This will ensure a gentle trip! 

10. Stuck behind screens

Stuck behind screens
Source: iStock
While it’s tempting to want to boast about your luxurious trip and spam your social media followers, we suggest taking a break. You have been in front of screens at offices, colleges or even binge watching at home. Let this vacation allow you to look away from the screens at your leisure. So our last advice to you, make sure to admire the scenic beauty at every place before you desperately try to capture it. Eventually, you’ll be back to the routine life so enjoy while you’re at it !
So, how many travel mistakes did you relate to? We hope not all. Don’t forget to save this to avoid these common traveling mistakes for a hassle free trip. For more such traveling hacks and booking getaways, follow Ukiyo Stays and subscribe to our newsletter for latest updates!

Cruising around Kerala: An ultimate guide to enthralling experiences!

The hyperbole of a southern state in India  called God’s own country may seem sceptical. But only for someone who hasn’t seen it. The allurement of Kerala does justice to everything one may call an exaggeration. Whether you’re on a trip with your family, friends, loved ones or just a nomad on a journey to unfurl nature’s admirable wonders, Kerala will leave you awestruck, . So this summer steps up to unveil some of the most bewitchingly beautiful sights in Kerala. Ukiyo Stays brings you the guide for cruising around Kerala. With six amusing destinations we’ll show you Kerala inside out. 

01. Alleppey – The Backwater Hot Spot

Source: iStock












Alleppey tops this list of best places to visit in Kerala. The reason being:  backwater trips, houseboat stays, and serene beauty.  In fact, it is the most popular place to experience some offbeat Kerala backwaters. This is a great way to begin your trip. Surround yourself with soothing sites and insta-worthy shots. Hop in a rustic houseboat that is equipped with all the necessities. Get ready to sail across nature’s bounties!

Things To Do: Shopping: Buy Souvenirs For Your Loved One, Nightwalk: Gear Up For A Crazy Campfire, Temples: Indulge In Spiritualism, Beaches: Watch The Sun Go Down

02. Munnar – Perfect Paradise

Source: iStock











Kerala is a place that provides every traveller with a complete experience. From beaches to hill stations, you have got it all! Munnar is one of the must-visit places here. Munnar, was the summer capital for the British. It  attracts tourists from across the world. It has 80,000 miles of tea plantation and  an equal measure of aromatic vegetation. The misty valleys and low-flying clouds in Munnar mesmerises everyone that lays their gaze upon it.

Majestic bungalows, cozy homestays, lavish hotels and resorts in Munnar make it a suitable destination for couples. The charming colonial edifices narrate untold stories of all the eras they have witnessed. One can revel in the extraordinary blend of luxury and beauty, at Munnar. 

Things To Do: Plantation Resort, Kolukkumalai – Tea Estate Tours, Echo Point – Camping And Trekking, Eravikulam National Park – Spot Rare Species

03. Kumarakom –  Tranquility 

Source: iStock












Situated near Vembanad Lake, Kumarakom is a quiet little hamlet. With alluring sceneries, ever pleasant weather exotic flora and fauna; make it Kerals’s most tranquilising destination. You get a mix of everything here. The authentic Kerala cuisine, uber-fresh air, the warmth of Keralites make it admirable. There is a lot to do; choose from boating, cruising, Kumarakom houseboat stay, and fishing.

Things To Do: Houseboat Ride, Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary: Watch The Birds, Maya Spa: Invigorate With Aromas Of Ayurveda.

04. Wayanad – The Land Of Heavenly Trails

Source: iStock











Wayanad literally means the land of paddy fields in Malayalam. Wayanad’s luscious greens enrich the place with godly beauty. It has a serene atmosphere and rich culture. Wayanad tourism is an amalgamation of nature and man-made heritage. The place is famous for its richness in cultures, traditions, and tribal heritage. Small, unnamed waterfalls that line the city add to the place’s charm. Being home to lush green vegetation, Wayanad is the most refreshing forest in Kerala.

Things To Do: Kuruva Island: Enjoy Bamboo Rafting, Pookode Lake: Enjoy Boating, Camping: When The Hills Summon You, Cycling: Go Around Town

05. Kovalam –  Beach day essential

kovalam kerela
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Kovalam beach is famous for its festivities. The therapeutic massages, Ayurvedic treatments, sunbathing fests, and water sports make it worth visiting. Its crescent-shaped coastline is full of  happening activities. It has always created a buzz for all the tourists. People from different countries, cultures, and states can be seen here. They add to the beauty of the place. 

Things To Do: Take a sightseeing tour – An excursion to discover the town, Spend a night in the houseboat, Give adventure sports a shot

06. Thekkady – For The Love Of Wildlife

Thekkady Kerala
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Thekkady is a heaven hidden in dense woodlands and wild vegetation. Witness the marvellous grandeur of Indian wildlife. Its trekking path from Moozhiyar to Thekkady Gavi is one of the most popular trails in South India. It is a perfect way to add a dash of adventure.You can witness exotic species like sambars, gaurs, and lion-tailed macaques here. Admire the majestic wildlife especially if you’re travelling with children.  Boating whilst gazing at wildlife is the perfect way to end this trip.

Things To Do: Thekkady Boating Tours, Bamboo Rafting & Hiking in Thekkady, Border Hiking, Jungle Night Patrol


Indulge in a fulfilling experience that brings you into infinitely appealing experiences of a  lifetime. Whether you’re on a honeymoon, travelling with your group or solo, use this guide for cruising around in Kerala! From stays to adventurous activities Kerala has it all to be the destination for your next trip. Reach out to us with booking queries!

The Serene Sikkim


Source: Sikkim Tourism


Sikkim is abundantly blessed with natural splendour. Surrounded by Bhutan, Tibet and Nepal, Sikkim brings a dramatic blend of north eastern culture.This is because surrounded by the alluring neighbours; Bhutan, Tibet and Nepal. From mighty Himalayas, to Buddhist monasteries, Sikkim is a treasure trove of nature. This is why it deserves to be your next travelling destination! Ukiyo Stays brings you Top 5 reasons you must visit Sikkim!


1. Majestic Monasteries


Sikkim: Home to mountains and monks - Outlook Traveller
Source: Outlook India


Sikkim is the home to grandiose Buddhist gompas, which are quite renowned. If Buddhist culture and monasteries fascinate you, then Sikkim is the best place for you to be! Some remarkable monasteries here are Dubdi Monastery, Enchey Monastery, Phodong Monastery, Pemayangtse Monastery and Ralang Monastery. These age-old monasteries seem to transition you to simpler times. They make your experience divine. Devotional chants and blissful bells make the ambience serene. This experience is truly worthwhile.

2. Flavourful cuisine 


Sikkim Thunk
Source: zee zest


If you are a foodie with a knack to try various cuisines, Sikkim will not disappoint you.  Sikkimese cuisine has Nepalese and Tibetan influence. You’ll find the perfect blend of flavours in every meal. Famously known momos, are actually an adaptation of the dumplings. Taste authentic thukpa that warms you thoroughly. Phagshapa and sha phaley is a treat to your taste buds if you’re a non- vegetarian!  Vegans and vegetarians needn’t be disheartened, gundruk and sinki soup. Don’t miss an opportunity to feast on these delicacies.

3. Spiritual Retreat 


 Sikkim Monasteries
Source: Travel Triangle


If you’re looking for a break from your exasperating life head to Sikkim. This is perfect for a much needed spiritual retreat. The grandeur of peaks will make your bothersome quandaries lose significance. The enchanting creations of nature will mesmerise you. The annual Chamis the best time to visit here. This falls on the 28th and 29th day of the 10th month of the Tibetan calendar.  Masked dances, melodious tunes and vibrant costumes charm you. Strolling in the Sikkim streets during this time leaves onlookers enchanted. It’s an experience that will alway stick with you.


4.  Splendid Landscape


Sikkim landscape
Source: Pinterest


Sikkim, the land of pristinely scenic beauty. The snow covered peaks with fog flowing across the pinnacles appears to be a poetry penned by nature. Sikkim is the home to the world’s third highest peak in the world,Kanchenjunga. It encompasses Khangchendzonga, a National Park. Its inscribed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.  Places like Chungthang, Lachen, Yumthang, Yumesamdong, Chopta Valley and Gurudongmar Lake are a slice of heaven on Earth. The vibrant tones and peaks makes for the best summer holiday destination this year!


5.  Enthralling Adventures


Sikkim Hike
Source: Sikkim Tourism


The wilderness and colossal mountainous terrain of Sikkim make it an ideal destination for an adventurer. Trek to marvellous pinnacles or give a whirl to mountain biking. A jolting expedition in the River Teesta will ensure an adrenaline rush that sends shivers down your spine. The white water rafting is quite famous among the adventure seekers coming to Sikkim. Mountain bikers cycling along the rugged terrain is a common sight in Sikkim and cycling tourism is getting quite popular in the state. Witness the wonders of nature from the best seat in the house, as you set a course for paragliding and hang gliding in Sikkim! 


So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head to India’s most adored vacation destination! Send queries to Ukiyo stays and grab the best packages for Sikkim getaways and more such destinations!






Summer Staycations Spots! 

As you head into another repetitive year Ukiyo stays invites you to take a break you deserve! We bring you the Top 5 Summer Staycation Spots to visit this 2022. Experience a luxurious staycation this summer with us. Get the finest properties in Goa, Lonavala, Karjat, Khandala and Alibaug at your finger tips. 

01. Goa


Goa Summer 2022
Source: Pinterest
Goa is worth every struggle you have faced to convince your friends. Kicking back with a chilled beer on the beach along with your gang is on every one’s bucket list. Admire art at Cafe Bodega’s gallery with exquisitely crafted confectionaries. End the day with a sundowner at a shack to experience blissful pleasure . Moreover, southern Goa will take you back in time to the Portuguese era. Their elegant edifices, which give you insta-worthy shots. Ukiyo brings you several centrally located properties that help you get around. Their lip smacking seafood cuisine is a perfect blend of unique spices. The meals are washed down with a glass of Solkadi. South Goa is also a home for several old bars. They serve you the local mead, lagers and fenis. The locals are keen on discussing Goan history, food and culture. They extend their knowledge to enhance your experience here.Sign up to find hidden gems of Goa with us! 

02. Karjat

Karjat Tourism | Karjat Tourist Places | Karjat Travel Guide | Karjat Weather | Karjat Photos |
Source: Maharashtra Planet

Cascades surrounded by luscious greens, destinations that depict cultural heritages and trekking points. A trip to Karaj is just what you need to enrich yourself and connect with your roots. Kondana caves is a monumental treasure of Indian cultural roots. It includes sixteen Buddhist caves with sculptures, vihara, chaitya and stupas. Jain Temple and Kondeshwar temple also makes your spiritual retreat fulfilling. Bahiri caves also come with a thrilling trek to elate your trip. By the end of the day you can retire to your lavishing chateaus after a tranquilizing experience. 

 03. Lonavala


Lonavala Peaks in Summer
Source: Pinterest
Nestling amidst the peaks of Sahyadri, Lonavala is the most remarkable destination. When it comes to planning a quick trip on a weekend Lonavala is preferable for both mumbaikars and punekars. Watching the sun rays fill you up with warmth on a misty morning from Tiger Point with a plate of cheesy fritters. It will set you back to the simpler times. As you drive through the ghats, clouds in your sight serenade you. From Lohagad to Rachmachi, you have numerous trekking options. You must unfurl your adventurous side! Night treks are often accompanied by beaming fireflies to lighten your lives, quite literally. Kune and Oivas cascades are unparalleled allurements of this hill station. Lonavala is also a perfect spot to find ideal staycations. Our properties give you a chance to chill by the pool while attending your team meets.

04. Khandala

Khandala Landscape 2022
Source: Pinterest

Experience intoxicating pulchritude of lakes and grand pinnacles. This is one of Maharashtra’s most beloved tourist destination. Stretched across the western ghats this hill station offers you caves, cascades and comfort! Watch the sunset at the duke’s point with a soft golden haze on a meadow. Test your shooting skills at the shooter’s point! Trek to valleys to capture the true essence of nature’s beauty. Head to the secluded yet serene destinations at Khandala with us. Our wide range of properties are situated in select locations to mesmerise you with a view no matter where you are


06. Alibaug 


Summer at Alibaug
Source: Economic Times
If you are a ‘beaches over mountains’ person looking for a hassle free get away, Alibaug is just the place for you. Take a trip on a ferry to this coastal town, where you can explore forts, try water sports and set a bonfire by the beach. If you’re traveling with your friends, camping by the Revdanda beach is an absolute delight. Explore Emperor Malik Amber’s architectural masterpiece, Murud Janjira Fort. Go parasailing, cruise around in a jet ski or explore marine life with scuba diving. You’ll never run out of options here, with Alibaug you can’t go wrong! 
Check out our luxurious range of villas if you’re traveling with your family. We bring exclusively elegant villas. Our elite range of villas is perfect for hosting intimate events with tranquilizing viewsSo what are you waiting for? This summer, book your ideal staycation with Ukiyo Stays and get end to end assistance on every booking. Send an inquiry and get the break you truly deserve!

Goa Unexplored

Goa is the perfect mix of natural beauty, revelry and tropical environs. But hasn’t it become a little too cliche? You don’t want to be stuck visiting the same churches and beaches, overflown with crowds. Well we are here to help you discover the unseen and underrated spots to eat, party and chill. Ukiyo stays brings you a guide for unique Goan experience, as witnessed by our travellers. Use this as a guide to know Goa inside out. 


It’s Beaching!

An average beach has everything from shacks and water sports to tattoo studios and eateries. It can be overwhelming to do it all in a day. But you don’t have to it all at the same place. So follow this guide to find beach specific activities!

Beach in goa, india
Source: Freepik



i. Candolim Beach

 Candolim Beach is one of the quietest beaches where you can gaze upon the sparkling sea. Calamari is the place to be when you’re here. Try their scrumptious pastries in their aesthetic ambience. If you’re craving for authentic goan fish delicacies, drop by the fisherman’s nest. This is the ideal picture worthy spot where no crowds will disrupt your peace or photobomb. Eventual visits of locals with their pets completes the snuggie vibes.

ii. Baga Beach

 Baga is the most well-known beach here in Goa. This beach offers exotic food, plenty of activities and shacks in the glistening sand. Head to Britto’s to savour delicious cheesecakes. You can even impulsively get inked at Ink Craft Tattoos. The artist here has inked several celebrities and sportsmen. You can braid your hair by the beach or try water sports. Baga beach is the home to many small shops. Here you’ll find everything, from keepsakes to accessories. Close to the beach you can head to Baba Au Ram to vibe on some trance music. Get gifts and memoirs from Goa for all your loved ones! 

iii.  Morjim Beach

 Morjim is also one of the less crowded beaches in Goa. But there’s no reason to believe that you can’t have your share of water-based fun there. In fact, the beach is a very good location to enjoy kite surfing. This fun sport is a combination of windsurfing, skateboarding, and paragliding. It’s certainly a to delight the adventure-seeker.

iv. Sinquerim Beach

 Featuring a host of water-based adventurous activities, the Sinquerim Beach. The sandy shoreline of invites you to enjoy a thrilling time. One of the most interesting activities to do here is to go on a dolphin safari. During this you can spot dolphins playing about in the wide sea. Seeing these elegant creatures in their natural habitat is an experience in itself.

v. Anjuna Beach 

 A visit to the lively Anjuna Beach flea market definitely counts among the top things to do in Goa. This market comes alive every Wednesday. With a plethora of knick-knacks, souvenirs, junk jewellery, beachwear, shoes, bags, and whatnot. The icing on the cake is that you can buy all these and more at throw-away prices. When you have shopped, you can watch a mellow sundowner at Purple Martini. You can even head to Curlies or Thalassa  to watch a happening night unravel before you! 

 Strutting in the streets!

Here is the ultimate destination to film reels! Take shots for a well awaited aesthetic feed you were looking for! Unfurl your inner artist as you head here and find age-old bakeries and rejuvenate.
Panaji, Goa, India, Feb 13 2021: Vintage Buildings and colourful Portuguese Houses in Fontainhas in Panaji, Goa. Places to visit in Goa when on vacation. goa Portuguese buildings stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images
Source: Royalty Free Images

i. Buildings and Bars

 Every edifice here is an architectural masterpiece. The naturally grown floral creepers blossom on the vibrantly coloured walls. They make every spot photo-worthy. You will witness several professionals around here capturing the beauty of these streets. The locals here keenly narrate the history of the place and their ancestors. You can find several Irish cafes and steak houses around the corner. Well hidden amongst the streets is The Joseph’s bar. With effortless beauty, this bar settles in a rustic building. This is perhaps why it has been the most underrated Goan bar. The locals pass time over freshly brewed lagers and share anecdotes. This is the perfect place to try Kokam and Kaju Fenis and locally brewed meads. 

iv. Bakeries and Artisties  

 Panji is the home to Goa’s cultural heritage. It has the true essence of goan traditions. The bakeries here have a history of generations carrying their authentic recipes. One such bakery is Confeitaria 31, situated near Immaculate conception church. This hundred year old goan bakery is ran by two ladies. They greet every visitor pleasantly. They have successfully looked over this venture for decades. If you have wandered enough, next destination is a perfect place for an appetising meal. Grab a juicy beef burger or bacon with a side of eggs! Witness the art gallery which integrates some of works of powerful artists. Which make bold statements through their creations with regard to several social issues.
There you have it! A guide to Goa drawn exclusively through our travelers’ experience. Hold on to it for your next Goa Trip or share it with the friends who are visiting soon. Reach out to us for booking queries  if you’re enticed by reading this! Get properties situated at the best destinations and the best rates!