Cruising around Kerala: An ultimate guide to enthralling experiences!

The hyperbole of a southern state in India  called God’s own country may seem sceptical. But only for someone who hasn’t seen it. The allurement of Kerala does justice to everything one may call an exaggeration. Whether you’re on a trip with your family, friends, loved ones or just a nomad on a journey to unfurl nature’s admirable wonders, Kerala will leave you awestruck, . So this summer steps up to unveil some of the most bewitchingly beautiful sights in Kerala. Ukiyo Stays brings you the guide for cruising around Kerala. With six amusing destinations we’ll show you Kerala inside out. 

01. Alleppey – The Backwater Hot Spot

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Alleppey tops this list of best places to visit in Kerala. The reason being:  backwater trips, houseboat stays, and serene beauty.  In fact, it is the most popular place to experience some offbeat Kerala backwaters. This is a great way to begin your trip. Surround yourself with soothing sites and insta-worthy shots. Hop in a rustic houseboat that is equipped with all the necessities. Get ready to sail across nature’s bounties!

Things To Do: Shopping: Buy Souvenirs For Your Loved One, Nightwalk: Gear Up For A Crazy Campfire, Temples: Indulge In Spiritualism, Beaches: Watch The Sun Go Down

02. Munnar – Perfect Paradise

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Kerala is a place that provides every traveller with a complete experience. From beaches to hill stations, you have got it all! Munnar is one of the must-visit places here. Munnar, was the summer capital for the British. It  attracts tourists from across the world. It has 80,000 miles of tea plantation and  an equal measure of aromatic vegetation. The misty valleys and low-flying clouds in Munnar mesmerises everyone that lays their gaze upon it.

Majestic bungalows, cozy homestays, lavish hotels and resorts in Munnar make it a suitable destination for couples. The charming colonial edifices narrate untold stories of all the eras they have witnessed. One can revel in the extraordinary blend of luxury and beauty, at Munnar. 

Things To Do: Plantation Resort, Kolukkumalai – Tea Estate Tours, Echo Point – Camping And Trekking, Eravikulam National Park – Spot Rare Species

03. Kumarakom –  Tranquility 

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Situated near Vembanad Lake, Kumarakom is a quiet little hamlet. With alluring sceneries, ever pleasant weather exotic flora and fauna; make it Kerals’s most tranquilising destination. You get a mix of everything here. The authentic Kerala cuisine, uber-fresh air, the warmth of Keralites make it admirable. There is a lot to do; choose from boating, cruising, Kumarakom houseboat stay, and fishing.

Things To Do: Houseboat Ride, Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary: Watch The Birds, Maya Spa: Invigorate With Aromas Of Ayurveda.

04. Wayanad – The Land Of Heavenly Trails

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Wayanad literally means the land of paddy fields in Malayalam. Wayanad’s luscious greens enrich the place with godly beauty. It has a serene atmosphere and rich culture. Wayanad tourism is an amalgamation of nature and man-made heritage. The place is famous for its richness in cultures, traditions, and tribal heritage. Small, unnamed waterfalls that line the city add to the place’s charm. Being home to lush green vegetation, Wayanad is the most refreshing forest in Kerala.

Things To Do: Kuruva Island: Enjoy Bamboo Rafting, Pookode Lake: Enjoy Boating, Camping: When The Hills Summon You, Cycling: Go Around Town

05. Kovalam –  Beach day essential

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Kovalam beach is famous for its festivities. The therapeutic massages, Ayurvedic treatments, sunbathing fests, and water sports make it worth visiting. Its crescent-shaped coastline is full of  happening activities. It has always created a buzz for all the tourists. People from different countries, cultures, and states can be seen here. They add to the beauty of the place. 

Things To Do: Take a sightseeing tour – An excursion to discover the town, Spend a night in the houseboat, Give adventure sports a shot

06. Thekkady – For The Love Of Wildlife

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Thekkady is a heaven hidden in dense woodlands and wild vegetation. Witness the marvellous grandeur of Indian wildlife. Its trekking path from Moozhiyar to Thekkady Gavi is one of the most popular trails in South India. It is a perfect way to add a dash of adventure.You can witness exotic species like sambars, gaurs, and lion-tailed macaques here. Admire the majestic wildlife especially if you’re travelling with children.  Boating whilst gazing at wildlife is the perfect way to end this trip.

Things To Do: Thekkady Boating Tours, Bamboo Rafting & Hiking in Thekkady, Border Hiking, Jungle Night Patrol


Indulge in a fulfilling experience that brings you into infinitely appealing experiences of a  lifetime. Whether you’re on a honeymoon, travelling with your group or solo, use this guide for cruising around in Kerala! From stays to adventurous activities Kerala has it all to be the destination for your next trip. Reach out to us with booking queries!