Goa Unexplored

Goa is the perfect mix of natural beauty, revelry and tropical environs. But hasn’t it become a little too cliche? You don’t want to be stuck visiting the same churches and beaches, overflown with crowds. Well we are here to help you discover the unseen and underrated spots to eat, party and chill. Ukiyo stays brings you a guide for unique Goan experience, as witnessed by our travellers. Use this as a guide to know Goa inside out. 


It’s Beaching!

An average beach has everything from shacks and water sports to tattoo studios and eateries. It can be overwhelming to do it all in a day. But you don’t have to it all at the same place. So follow this guide to find beach specific activities!

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i. Candolim Beach

 Candolim Beach is one of the quietest beaches where you can gaze upon the sparkling sea. Calamari is the place to be when you’re here. Try their scrumptious pastries in their aesthetic ambience. If you’re craving for authentic goan fish delicacies, drop by the fisherman’s nest. This is the ideal picture worthy spot where no crowds will disrupt your peace or photobomb. Eventual visits of locals with their pets completes the snuggie vibes.

ii. Baga Beach

 Baga is the most well-known beach here in Goa. This beach offers exotic food, plenty of activities and shacks in the glistening sand. Head to Britto’s to savour delicious cheesecakes. You can even impulsively get inked at Ink Craft Tattoos. The artist here has inked several celebrities and sportsmen. You can braid your hair by the beach or try water sports. Baga beach is the home to many small shops. Here you’ll find everything, from keepsakes to accessories. Close to the beach you can head to Baba Au Ram to vibe on some trance music. Get gifts and memoirs from Goa for all your loved ones! 

iii.  Morjim Beach

 Morjim is also one of the less crowded beaches in Goa. But there’s no reason to believe that you can’t have your share of water-based fun there. In fact, the beach is a very good location to enjoy kite surfing. This fun sport is a combination of windsurfing, skateboarding, and paragliding. It’s certainly a to delight the adventure-seeker.

iv. Sinquerim Beach

 Featuring a host of water-based adventurous activities, the Sinquerim Beach. The sandy shoreline of invites you to enjoy a thrilling time. One of the most interesting activities to do here is to go on a dolphin safari. During this you can spot dolphins playing about in the wide sea. Seeing these elegant creatures in their natural habitat is an experience in itself.

v. Anjuna Beach 

 A visit to the lively Anjuna Beach flea market definitely counts among the top things to do in Goa. This market comes alive every Wednesday. With a plethora of knick-knacks, souvenirs, junk jewellery, beachwear, shoes, bags, and whatnot. The icing on the cake is that you can buy all these and more at throw-away prices. When you have shopped, you can watch a mellow sundowner at Purple Martini. You can even head to Curlies or Thalassa  to watch a happening night unravel before you! 

 Strutting in the streets!

Here is the ultimate destination to film reels! Take shots for a well awaited aesthetic feed you were looking for! Unfurl your inner artist as you head here and find age-old bakeries and rejuvenate.
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i. Buildings and Bars

 Every edifice here is an architectural masterpiece. The naturally grown floral creepers blossom on the vibrantly coloured walls. They make every spot photo-worthy. You will witness several professionals around here capturing the beauty of these streets. The locals here keenly narrate the history of the place and their ancestors. You can find several Irish cafes and steak houses around the corner. Well hidden amongst the streets is The Joseph’s bar. With effortless beauty, this bar settles in a rustic building. This is perhaps why it has been the most underrated Goan bar. The locals pass time over freshly brewed lagers and share anecdotes. This is the perfect place to try Kokam and Kaju Fenis and locally brewed meads. 

iv. Bakeries and Artisties  

 Panji is the home to Goa’s cultural heritage. It has the true essence of goan traditions. The bakeries here have a history of generations carrying their authentic recipes. One such bakery is Confeitaria 31, situated near Immaculate conception church. This hundred year old goan bakery is ran by two ladies. They greet every visitor pleasantly. They have successfully looked over this venture for decades. If you have wandered enough, next destination is a perfect place for an appetising meal. Grab a juicy beef burger or bacon with a side of eggs! Witness the art gallery which integrates some of works of powerful artists. Which make bold statements through their creations with regard to several social issues.
There you have it! A guide to Goa drawn exclusively through our travelers’ experience. Hold on to it for your next Goa Trip or share it with the friends who are visiting soon. Reach out to us for booking queries  if you’re enticed by reading this! Get properties situated at the best destinations and the best rates!